Saturday, 5 March 2016

Spring/Summer 16 Trends

I always love doing these sorts of blog posts, researching all the looks that were on the runways for Spring and Summer. I fell in love with the collections for this season, so many designers had a feminine spin on their clothing, and I absolutely love it. I usually tend to be drawn to the more out there, futuristic styles but this season I'm obsessed with the more minimalistic, dreamy and pretty styles. Calvin Klein stole the show for me, their pieces for Spring/Summer 2016 were so understated and stunning. There were a lot of trends that were seen in several collections, but I just picked out a few of my favourites and pieces that are very similar for a lot cheaper.

1) Ruffles
This was seen so much for S/S 16 but in different ways but ll had a very feminine shape. This look is really easy to wear as long as you keep the accessories simple.


3) Lingerie
I think this was my favourite trend. The 90's trend is definitely not going anywhere for a while which I am very happy about! The slip dress is huge this season, and while it can be worn dressed up, I think it would look amazing with some slip on trainers and a leather jacket around your shoulders for a more casual take on it.


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