Tuesday, 19 January 2016

January Outfits

For some reason when January comes along I wear a lot more casual, minialistic clothes and neutral colours. Maybe it's the dark, dull weather (which I actually love) or the fact that I've been dressing up throughout Christmas but for some reason I just want to wear whatever's comfortable and keeps me warm. While wanting to be comfy it wouldn't be me to wear something completely just for comfort so I've came up with these outfits which are cosy but still look stylish at the same time.


Khaki coat

Vans sneaker
£32 - zappos.com


Zara striped sweater
£14 - zara.com

Topshop high rise skinny jeans
£49 - topshop.com

Vans lace up shoes


Untitled #17

Zara black shirt
£16 - zara.com

River Island black booties

Accessorize wool hat
£9.89 - accessorize.com

Hope you enjoyed this post!
xo Orlagh


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  1. Hiya! I had no idea you had a blog- love the theme! Just a few questions! I'm looking into advertising for my site, and I noticed you have some. Is it just google ad-sense you use; is it worth it? Also, how do you do that list thing you did on this post in particular, where you've listed the clothing items, with a link and the picture? I've noticed Zoella does the same!

    Great blog!
    Thank you so much for your time. I tried to comment on another post but don't think it actually worked, so if you have loads of comments from me, don't judge! Haha! Please reply on my blog,if it isn't too much trouble; I'm far more likely to actually see it that way!

    Thanks again,
    Sophie x


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