Wednesday, 6 May 2015


If you've clicked on this you've more than likely thought you had loads of time to revise, but then realised that it's a week until your exams and you've procrastinated the entire year.
Like me, I'm sure you don't want to be able to spell fudge with the grades you end up with in August, so hopefully these tips can help you out a little.

1) Flash cards
If you have't used these before, you're missing out. I know from my exam boards that they like to ask for definitions a lot, so these are a great way of memorizing them.  I write the word on one side, then the definition on the other. You can get someone to test you by holding the card, as the word you need to define can only be seen by you, and the definition can only be seen by them. I know it seems really simple but they are so effective.

2) Get rid of all distractions
I always find that when I'm trying to revise, I'll check Instagram every 3 seconds, so you're better to get rid of your phone or even turn off the internet. I know it sounds absolutely terrifying, but you will get so much more done.

3) Take breaks
By this I don't mean blankly staring at a book for 5 minutes then accidentally watching three hours of Friends on your 'break'. Say for every 45 minutes, take a 5 minute break. It's hard to stay concentrated on the same subject for a long time, so if you take short breaks and switch subjects, you'll be more likely to absorb what you are trying to learn.

4) Use weekends to your advantage
If you're always really tired after school and find it hard to study, you will get so much more done during the weekends. I know you probably want to do more interesting things, but I would rather take a few weekends out and be happy with my results in August than have to worry all summer because I know I could have done more.

5) Prioritize subjects
If you're really short on time, there's no point wasting time studying for subjects you find easy. Instead, try and focus on the subjects you struggle with most. Write down all of your subjects in order of how hard you find them, then spend more time revising for them.

6) Use colour in your notes
This might not work for everyone, but I find if you put information that is more important (dates, facts etc.) in colour, they stand out a lot more and seem to stick in my brain a lot better.

7) Try and eat healthier
I'm not telling you to go on a diet or become vegan for a month, but just try to cut down on fast-food and fizzy drinks. Drinking water sounds so stupid but the difference it can make is actually amazing. When you're dehydrated its a lot harder to focus, so drinking more water will help you stay concentrated and you'll take more things in. It will also help you to concentrate in your actual exams.

and finally...

8) Try not to have a mental breakdown
I know at this time of the year we're all on the verge of one, so if you find yourself getting stressed, do something that calms you down. You've only got 2 months to go! If you can get through exams you can get through anything.

Hopefully this helps you out a bit if you're starting to panic, and try to stay calm!

xo, Orlagh

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