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After reading reviews about this palette - and there are a lot, I finally decided to buy it and give it a go, to see if it deserves all the hype it gets.

(L-R: Puff, Rose Ash, Fawn, Gild, Hazel, Lion, Bronze Ore, Burnished Brown, Tawny, Henna, Fuel, Coal Grey.)

This is so often compared to the Naked Palette, and I do see why. All the colours are basically the same as the colours in the Naked Palette, even in the same order and everything! Some of the shadows in this MUA palette aren't quite as pigmented as the shadows in the Naked Palette, but how could you complain when it's only £4?! If you on a budget, it's £33 cheaper than the Naked Palette, it's a no-brainer which one to choose. Here's some swatches:

(Without flash)

(With flash)

For only £4 they are great quality, and if I want a little bit more pigment, i'll just spray my brush with Mac Fix+ spray! This palette is so versatile as it has shimmery and matte shadows, so you can create  loads of different looks for whatever you prefer. Here are a few looks you can with the eyeshadows:

1) Bronze/Gold
Step 1: Apply lion all over the eye, and also in the inner corner.
Step 2: Apply bronze ore on the outer half of the eye and all round the lower lashline.
Step 3: Using a small, tapered brush, apply burnished brown on the outer 'v' and on the outer part of the lower lashline.
Step 4: using an angled brush, put henna on the upper lash line and blend it out to make it smokey.
Step 5: Use hazel in the crease to blend everything together, and finally tightline with a black/brown eyeliner (personal preference) and apply mascara.

(Tip - this look is best for blue eyes!)

2) Pretty & Polished
Step 1: Apply Puff in the inner corner and all over the eyelid.
Step 2: Lightly dust Rose Ash over the eyelid, on top on the other eyeshadow
Step 3: Using a fluffy crease brush, apply Fawn in the crease in wind-wiper motions with a light hand so the eyeshadow looks natural, but still gives definition.
Step 4: Finally, draw a thin line with your eyeliner very close to the lashline, making a small flick at the end. Then apply mascara!

(Tip - this is a great look for school/work as it is easy, quick, natural and makes you look more awake and put together!)

3) Navy smokey eye
Step 1: using a fluffy brush and a light hand, apply fawn in the crease as a transition colour.
Step 2: With a flat eyeshadow brush, pat the colour fuel on the inner and outer corner of the eye, leaving the middle without any.
Step 3: Apply coal grey in the middle part of the eye, and also apply to the lower lash line.
Step 4: Blend all the colours together so there are no harsh lines.
Step 5: Highlight the brow bone and inner corner with puff, and place over the coal grey to lighten it a little.
Step 6: Apply your favourite eyeliner and apply lots of mascara to give your eyelashes lots of volume.

(Tip - if you have wide-set eyes, this will suit you best!)

Thanks so much for reading!
xo, Orlagh

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